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BG Products, Inc.


Category: Testimonials

“Your company is so fantastic!”

I was in the car business for 40 years. I worked in dealerships both in the service department and with the sales team. I first learned a lot about your products from a Volkswagen dealership I worked at many years ago. In 1995, I ordered a brand new Chevy Suburban

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“I felt a difference in power and fuel mileage.”

I work for UTA (Utah Transit Authority) and a BG Representative showed up on our doorstep. He had us try some diesel additives and we were skeptical. As we drove, we saw a drop in mileage. We then saw the fuel filter filling with debris. Not only the bus, but

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BG products are the “real thing”

I wanted to reach out to you with a quick note to let you know that you BG guys do a really awesome job. I’m so glad we decided to bring BG on as our Premium Chemical Solution! The menus are transparent and accurate and your guidance throughout the menu

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BG MOA® is a huge hit for a family on-the-go!

Quick story about BG MOA®: We’re an auto shop here in Waynesboro, Virginia, and use BG products for all of our own vehicles and recommend its use to all of our customers. My wife puts a lot of miles on our 2005 Dodge Caravan with the running around of our

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BG stands behind its products

The BG claims process is untouched by any rival company. BG truly stands behind its products. My rep is extremely knowledgeable and is always there to help me sell. Colin,Margate City, NJ

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Providing solutions with BG Pre-owned Vehicle Protection

Archer Perdue Suzuki has been doing business with BG Nebraska for a few years now; however, we have not taken full advantage of the available BG programs. Our company was formerly referred to as a Suzuki new car dealership, but we are currently a used car dealership. In the last

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Proud to partner with BG

My service garage and fleet have been operating and using BG products for the last three years. I was referred to BG after one of its representatives, Jason Allen, stopped into my facility to discuss gasoline direct injected engines. This visit and discussion were timely in that we had picked

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BG EPR® eliminates blow-by

I have a 2004 Stingray boat with the 3.0 MerCruiser® engine in it. Since I bought it in 2006, the gas engine produced a huge amount of blow-by which forces oil from the fill cap and produces quite a mess. This season, I ran a can of BG EPR® through

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