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BG Power Steering Service

A power steering component failure can be both costly and dangerous.

Maintaining this system is important to the safety of your customers and profitable for your shop.

Why Power Steering Systems Need Service

Even under normal driving conditions, high pressures and temperatures break down the fluid’s lubrication abilities. Additionally, wear and tear can lead to a build up of abrasive metal debris within the system.

Preventive maintenance, with high quality BG power steering products, will prolong the life of your customer’s steering system.

How to Perform the BG Power Steering Fluid Exchange

The BG Power Steering Service Center introduces BG Quick Clean for Power Steering into the system. The specialized cleaner removes deposits and other debris and suspends the contaminants in the old fluid. Then the old fluid is removed and replaced with new, premium BG Power Clean or BG Universal Power Steering Fluid.

The BG Power Steering Service Center

The BG Power Steering Service Center drains old, worn out power steering fluid while simultaneously installing high quality fresh BG Universal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid.

When the contaminated fluid is removed, wear metals and debris that grind away valves and seals are removed as well.

When to Suggest a Power Steering Service

    • Pump is making noise
    • Difficult steering
    • Contaminated or dark fluid
    • Within 30,000 miles of last service
    • Contaminated or dark fluid
    • Pair this service with all power steering repairs    
Grooves are worn into the soft metal of the spool valve housing by hardened seals.
Power steering spool valve with hardened, cracked seals.

Customer Benefits

  • Protects system parts with fortified fluid
  • Provides smooth operation
  • Extends the life of the system
  • Prevents costly power steering system repairs
  • Backed by Lifetime BG Protection Plan®
  • Provides safety and peace of mind
customer benefits

Shop Benefits

  • Product quality
  • Superior equipment
  • Customer retention
  • Customer loyalty
  • Support and training
  • Increased shop profitability

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