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“Grateful for such a good product to be able to offer our customers”

We recently had a customer with a 2015 Nissan Murano that had a very bad smoking issue at start up and heavy acceleration. The customer had not changed her oil in over 25,000 miles.

When the vehicle was being inspected by the technician, he noticed the oil was very dark and thick. The sludge buildup was so bad on the oil cap and cylinder head that it was like black toothpaste.

We performed two BG Advanced Formula MOA® and BG EPR® Engine Performance Restoration® services to the vehicle, with two oil changes. It improved with a bit less smoking, but still had an issue. Things were not looking good for the customer and we were running out of options on how to fix it without the customer having an expensive repair to break down the engine and solve the issue.

We called our local BG Sales Representative and told him the issue we were having. That’s when he presented us with the BG Dynamic Engine Restoration Service and what it can do to help the problem. We presented the option to the customer and were given the green light to perform the service.

Once the service was complete, we were amazed with the results. We inspected inside on the cylinder head and it looked like a brand new head. We were able to see everything in the head and how good the product worked. We test drove the vehicle several times, and kept it overnight to inspect the next morning to see if the vehicle would smoke at cold start and it didn’t!

We returned the vehicle to the customer and followed up with her days later to see if everything had continued going well with the vehicle. She was super pleased with the results and very grateful.

We here at Christian Brothers Automotive are now firm believers in the BG Dynamic Engine Restoration Service, and grateful for such a good product to be able to offer our customers. Thank you.

Service Advisor, Christian Brothers Automotive
North Port, FL

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