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BG Driveline Service

The driveline is one of the least understood and most commonly overlooked automotive systems.

Preventive maintenance of the driveline is frequently neglected, but a failure in the driveline can be a very expensive, dangerous and preventable problem.

Why do Drivelines need to be serviced?

The complex gears in the differential of a vehicle operate under extreme pressure and heat. These conditions can break down gear lubricant which leads to sludge buildup and metal debris.

The best way to prevent potential driveline problems is to remove sludge and debris with a fluid exchange.

How to Perform the BG Driveline Service

Use the BG MAX Multi Application Exchanger or the BG Drive Line Service Center to access driveline components including rear differentials, front differentials, manual transmissions, or transfer cases. This tool allows for a quick and efficient fluid exchange inside these components.

For manual transmissions, transaxles, and transfer cases, use BG Syncro Shift II. For differentials, use BG Ultra Guard Limited Slip Heavy Duty or BG Ultra Guard Limited Slip Synthetic Gear Lubricant.

The BG MAX Multi Application Exchanger

The BG MAX Multi Application Exchanger provides a fast and easy way to service all types of automotive differentials, manual transmissions, transfer cases, and change oil in light and heavy-duty vehicles. This machine is designed to be used with any petroleum-based oil.

When to Suggest the BG Driveline Service

    • Dark, dirty, or burnt gear lubricant
    • OEM-required service interval
    • Vehicles that tow, haul, or other severe use
    • Abnormal vehicle vibration when driving
    • Noises like whining or howling, especially when turning or increasing speed
    • Paired with a BG Transmission Service—if the transmission is moving, the driveline is moving
Bearing dirty drive lineBearing clean drive line


“Fantastic products and support! Wouldn’t use anything else.” -Jason Fleming, Gretna, Virginia

    Customer Benefits

    • Quieter vehicle operation
    • Smoother driving
    • Protection of driveline components
    • Prevents costly driveline repairs
    • Provides peace of mind
    • Backed by Lifetime BG Protection Plan®
    customer benefits

    Shop Benefits

    • Product quality
    • Superior equipment
    • Customer retention
    • Customer loyalty
    • Support and training
    • Increased shop profitability

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