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BG Products, Inc.



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From BG Representatives to service managers and shop technicians to service advisors, BG is committed to training automotive professionals.

Our goal is more than a simple transfer of information, but rather to inspire new behaviors that achieve greater results. BG delivers comprehensive training through multiple methods, including hands-on, in-store, and digital training.


In-Store Training

Face-to-face training is available to BG shops from your local BG Rep and our experienced BG Field Trainers. What sets BG apart are the boots on the ground. Because our sales force is so expansive, we have the ability to train your team in person, at your location.

BG Representatives

Our Reps get first-hand experience through our internal training program, BG University. With a focus on how to perform services safely and present the benefits to customers accurately, we can ensure the success of your BG preventive maintenance programs.

BG Field Trainers

These trainers have decades of real-world experience working in the industry as service advisors, technicians, and service managers. They work closely with local BG Reps to provide practical and useful in-person training at your location.

Digital Training

Innovative, award-winning training from BG is available 24/7 in the palm of your hand.

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BG Certified is our foundational video-based eLearning program for advisors, technicians, and managers to ensure shop employees know how, when, and why to offer BG services.

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The BG Experience™ App is an augmented reality training program that visually educates shop personnel and consumers on the need for preventive maintenance services.

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The BG Advisor™ App provides access to role-specific training and presentation tools to educate and motivate your service advisors.

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The BG Tech™ App provides role-specific training and up-to-date information on vehicle adaptors and service instructions.

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