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BG Platinum® Fuel System Service

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines require clean components to function at peak performance.

These engines are manufactured with tight tolerances and demand regular preventive maintenance to prevent carbon deposits and maintain fuel economy and performance. This service is especially effective for GDI engines and BG offers custom adaptors for specific engine platforms.

Why Your Customers Need This BG Service

Today’s engines generate high heat and high pressure, conditions that cause the rapid accumulation of carbon deposits. These deposits are found on intake valves, fuel injectors, and in combustion chambers.

For a fuel system cleaning service that’s easy to perform and results in noticeable drivability improvements, the BG Platinum Fuel System Service is our premium offering.

How to Perform a BG Fuel Service

BG Platinum® 44K® Fuel System Cleaner (the #1 fuel system cleaner in the U.S.) is added to the fuel tank.

Then, using the BG Platinum® Fuel Service Supply Tool, a metered mist of BG Platinum Air Intake, Valve & Combustion Chamber Cleaner thoroughly coats and cleans internal engine surfaces in a way never before possible.

This process removes heavy carbon deposits from the backs of intake valves and combustion chambers. The BG Rev-It is used to consistently rev the engine during the service, which propels the cleaner across all cylinders for more complete cleaning.

For platform-specific instructions click here.

The BG Platinum Fuel Service Supply Tool and the BG Rev-It

The BG Platinum® Fuel Service Supply Tool administers a high-powered cleaner deep into the complex fuel systems of downsized, boosted engines.

The BG Rev-It® revs the engine automatically so techs are free to safely perform other services while the service is running.

When to Suggest a BG Fuel Service

    • Irregular engine performance
    • Reduced vehicle power
    • Reduced fuel economy
    • Offer every year or within 15,000 miles
    • Paired with any other BG Service or fuel system repairs
Valve beforeValve after


“I felt a difference in power and fuel mileage.” -Vance Marler


"Our fuel economy and performance were completely restored. I couldn't believe it!" Les Larson, Sundre, AB

Customer Benefits

  • Restores fuel efficiency
  • Restores vehicle performance and power
  • Prevents costly component repairs
  • Backed by Lifetime BG Protection Plan®
  • Provides safety and peace of mind
customer benefits

Shop Benefits

  • Product quality
  • Superior equipment
  • Customer retention
  • Customer loyalty
  • Support and training
  • Increased shop profitability

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