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BG Products, Inc.

“Your company is so fantastic!”

I was in the car business for 40 years. I worked in dealerships both in the service department and with the sales team. I first learned a lot about your products from a Volkswagen dealership I worked at many years ago.

In 1995, I ordered a brand new Chevy Suburban with all the bells and whistles which was a big investment. I was planning to keep it for a very long time, so I knew I needed to use BG products. I had that vehicle for almost 13 years with no issues! 

Then I purchased a 2008 Cadillac Escalade. I experienced the same great results as I’d seen in the Suburban! I still own this vehicle and it has never overheated and has no water pump problems. 

Every 30,000 miles I get the differential and transmission fluid changed as well. Never had a valve cover off, no oil leak, no oil burn, and no varnish on any castings. It’s clean, just like the way it was when I bought it. 

I also bought a turbo diesel Beetle and had it for 17 years. Never had to spend any money on it except regular maintenance because of your products. 

Thank you all! Your products are great and I highly recommend them.

Don Shaw
Phoenixville, PA

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