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BG Products, Inc.

BG MOA® is a huge hit for a family on-the-go!

Quick story about BG MOA®:

We’re an auto shop here in Waynesboro, Virginia, and use BG products for all of our own vehicles and recommend its use to all of our customers. My wife puts a lot of miles on our 2005 Dodge Caravan with the running around of our four kids. One daughter, in particular, is a competitive cheerleader which requires trips as far as Florida and Indianapolis from here in Virginia.

We changed the oil just prior to one of these trips in January of 2018. I didn’t think much about the car and oil change assuming she would say something once the mileage approached the number on the sticker. Then in late September, a friend of ours got hurt badly in a mountain biking accident. We needed to hurry to the hospital and drive his son home which was about a 200 mile trip.

When we jumped in her van, I noticed the check oil light and immediately did so. To my dismay, there was no oil on the dip stick. The car appeared to be out of oil. I told my wife we needed to stop by the shop and get some oil for the van. She said we didn’t have time for that and we needed to go. I told her that if we don’t we might have more time than we want while we sit on the side of the road broken down. She replied that the car would be just fine. The one thing that I’ve learned after 20 years of marriage is that I’d rather have a blown motor than argue with my wife. So off we went.

The next morning I took the van to the shop and it looked like no more than half a quart of oil drained out. The van had been driven 20,000 miles since the previous oil change. As my brother and I shook our heads in amazement, he looked at me and said, “glad we had BG MOA® in that thing.” The van still runs and we have no doubt that it is only due to having BG MOA® used in every oil change. Keep up the good work!

Jarrett Gold
Waynesboro, VA

Gold Wrench Automotive Tire & Lube
588 Eastside Highway
Waynesboro, VA 22980

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