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BG Climate Control Service

Over the course of one year, automotive A/C systems go through multiple freezing and thawing cycles.

Unfortunately, these systems are exposed to a variety of weather and road conditions and are often ignored until they fail or the air quality suffers.

Climate Control BG Frigi-CleanHERO

How often do climate control systems need to be serviced?

The proper functioning of the climate control system is important to customers. Harsh weather and driving conditions can lead to accumulation of road grime, debris, mold, and bacteria in the A/C. This debris pollutes the air flowing through the vents, which can be immediately noticed by vehicle owners.

A BG Climate Control Service should be performed annually each spring, paired with any refrigerant service or whenever musty odors are noted in a vehicle.

How to Perform the BG Climate Control Service

BG Frigi-Clean® is applied to the vehicle evaporator to remove mold, fungus, and other debris. BG Frigi-Fresh® is used to safely and effectively disinfect all the air vents. 

The BG Climate Control Service also includes the use of a high-performance oil, BG Frigi-Quiet®. This additive enhances cooling, ensures quieter operation, and prolongs compressor life.

When to Suggest a BG Climate Control Service

    • Annual system maintenance
    • Musty smell is present
    • Excessive allergens are present
    • Paired with every climate control system recharge or repair
    • Paired with cabin air filter replacement
AC evaporator before 709AC evaporator after

Customer Benefits

  • Restores air flow volume and quality
  • Provides colder air conditioning temperatures
  • Extends compressor life
  • Ensures quieter compressor operation
  • Reduces costly repairs
  • Provides safety and peace of mind
  • Eligible for complimentary BG On The Road® roadside assistance program

Shop Benefits

  • Ensures product quality
  • Supplies superior equipment
  • Increases customer retention
  • Improves customer loyalty
  • Provides support and training
  • Increases shop profitability

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