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BG Products, Inc.

“I felt a difference in power and fuel mileage.”

I work for UTA (Utah Transit Authority) and a BG Representative showed up on our doorstep. He had us try some diesel additives and we were skeptical. As we drove, we saw a drop in mileage. We then saw the fuel filter filling with debris. Not only the bus, but our underground tanks filter system also. 

But, after some time, all the gunk in the tanks (both bus and underground) was gone, and our mileage came up some and we had less regens. Very impressive! He then gave me some additives for my personal vehicle. 

When my tank was low, I filled it with fuel, dumped in BG 44K and let er’ rip, tater chip! I felt a difference in power and fuel mileage. I have 158K miles on my 2006 Dodge Ram with a 5.7 Hemi. A couple months later, my fuel pump died. (Thank goodness it wasn’t the TIPM). Six bolts, two harnesses and a grounding strap, and a buddy and I lifted the bed off and pulled out the old pump for the replacement. 

2006 Dodge Ram ft. Vance’s buddy

I got a good look in my tank. It was CRYSTAL clear! I truly believe that BG Products puts out a true cleaner for our vehicles. I have stuff for my oil change but have not reached my mileage interval yet. I will make a post about that later. 

Vance Marler
Utah Transit Authority

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