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BG Products, Inc.

BG Brake Service

Brake system maintenance is one of the most important services to perform on a vehicle.

It is so critical that OEMs have strict guidelines for changing brake fluid based on both time and mileage. 
This essential service is crucial to the safety of your customers.

PF7 brake machine

Why do brake systems need to be serviced?

In just 30,000 miles, brake fluid can break down and become contaminated with corrosion and water condensation. These conditions can cause a spongy brake pedal, corrosion of brake components, and gradual loss of brake function.

Brake system failure is not only expensive to repair, but it is also extremely dangerous while driving. The ability to stop a vehicle predictably and quickly is vital to your customer’s safety.

How to Perform the BG Brake Fluid Service

Using the BG BFX Brake Fluid Exchanger, old, contaminated brake fluid is removed and new, high-quality BG brake fluid is added to the system, preventing corrosion and maximizing brake system performance.

BG BFX Brake Fluid Exchanger

The BG BFX Brake Fluid Exchanger is BG’s proprietary equipment engineered specifically for the BG Brake Service. It is manufactured in the U.S.A. and built to make a brake fluid exchange fast, easy, and clean. The exchange is performed in a contained unit in minutes—no hassle, no mess.

When to Suggest a BG Brake Service

    • Dark or contaminated brake fluid
    • Positive copper test strips
    • Every 2–3 years depending on type of driving and braking
    • Within 30,000 miles since last brake fluid exchange
    • Poor brake pedal response
    • Paired with brake pad and/or rotor replacement


“Hello! From Toyota Alexandra! The BG PF7 is interesting and it’s a really fast service.” Elmer Anampa Crispin

Customer Benefits

  • Facilitates smoother stopping
  • Ensures quieter brakes
  • Restores brake responsiveness
  • Prevents costly brake system repairs
  • Backed by Lifetime BG Protection Plan
  • Provides safety and peace of mind
shop benefits

Shop Benefits

  • Ensures product quality
  • Supplies superior equipment
  • Increases customer retention
  • Improves customer loyalty
  • Provides support and training
  • Increases shop profitability

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