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BG’s Universal Synthetic ATF Struts Its Stuff

They say it isn’t bragging if you can do it.

“It blows the doors off of every OEM fluid,” says Mike Belluomo‚ BG Technical Services Manager‚ about the BG Premium Full Synthetic ATF‚ PN 312. The top-selling 312 “surpasses the mechanical and physical requirements of every OEM transmission. It gives longer intervals between services and lasts longer.

From a shop’s point of view, it can end the inventory problems – and expense – of trying to juggle how much Mercon (Ford), or Dexron III (GM), or Mopar (Chrysler) or any other of a dozen or so brands of automatic transmission fluid to stock. “OEMs don’t actually make the fluid, but they all want to have their own house brand. It can be confusing to shops,” Mike says.

BG’s 312 is a one-stop answer for shops. “The beauty with the synthetic is you’ve given every shop and vehicle owner a fluid that will always provide the same or better protection. They are 100 percent covered.”

It gives a shop the ability to sell a two-tier transmission service. It can offer a basic service starting with a flush to clean out the old fluid, re-filling with a generic, mid-price automatic transmission fluid that meets the Mercon and Dexron III standards, and then topping it off with a conditioner such as BG ATC Plus. Mike says, “Think of the conditioner as a special vitamin pill of additives that keeps seals soft and plump instead of drying out, shrinking and causing leaks.”

But the shop also can sell a premium service that consists of the flush, then the fully synthetic 312 and the BG ATC Plus for even more protection. “The conditioner is an option, but most customers ask for it,” Mike says, “and it is required under the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®.”

Today’s close-tolerance automatic transmissions put tremendous demands on the fluids lubricating them. The BG Premium Full Synthetic ATF protects gears and gives superior thermal stability, anti-wear protection, outstanding oxidative stability, foam resistance and corrosion control, exceptional low temperature fluidity and excellent shear stability to ensure a long service life.
“BG’s 312 far exceeds the requirements of any OEM,” says Mike. Sometimes that standard is fairly low. And sometimes just because a manufacturer introduces a new fluid doesn’t mean it is much of an improvement. “The OEM fluid is leagues behind our quality and will be for years. The OEMs aren’t pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Their fluid may be new, but it is not the best.”

How about high-torque transmissions installed in some high-end cars?

“Manufacturers‚ such as Volkswagen‚ use very good quality oil. They don’t want inferior products for the oil, steering and transmission fluids. But in all cases, our products are equal or superior,” Mike says.

In tests to find out how much fluid evaporates under use, BG found that VW’s fluid has a four percent evaporation rate and most other cars had an eight to 10 percent rate. “Our BG 312 is less than one percent.”

Since it was introduced, BG Premium Full Synthetic ATF has been steadily proving that it is better than anything else on the market.

Is this bragging? Nope, just the facts.

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