BG ATC Plus® Automatic Transmission Conditioner
PN 310 & 3106

To squeeze the utmost efficiency out of vehicles, many OEMs are relying on 8-, 9- and even 10-speed automatic transmissions. More gears improve engine efficiency and allow smaller, more economical engines to power larger vehicles.

Because of this, transmissions operate at higher temperatures than ever before and automatic transmission fluid deteriorates much faster. Fluid breakdown causes deposit formation on crucial transmission components. This buildup can cause transmission slipping, erratic shifting and sometimes full transmission failure.

BG ATC Plus® packs a punch for automatic transmission fluid! It is formulated with the latest chemistry technology to handle the intense environment in new higher gear transmissions. Added to transmission fluid, it helps prevent deposit formation and fluid breakdown. In essence, it helps prevent transmission failure.

When installed along with BG Universal Synthetic ATF, BG ATC Plus® prevents deposit formation, thereby prolonging fluid life and the life of the transmission. A professional use product that is an essential part of the BG Transmission Service, BG ATC Plus® will help correct and prevent transmission shudder and shifting problems and prevent transmission leaks by keeping seals soft and pliable.

BG Transmission Service

BG ATC Plus® Automatic Transmission Conditioner is part of the BG Transmission Service.

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BG BG ATC Plus Automatic Transmission Conditioner | BG ATC Plus® Automatic Transmission Conditioner

PN 3106 6 fl. oz. (177 mL) bottle
PN 310 11 fl. oz. (325 mL) can
PN 31032 32 fl. oz. (946 mL) bottle