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BG Products, Inc.

BG PXT®: An evolution in transmission service

Back in 1997, BG introduced the first fully functional transmission fluid exchange system, the BG PF5. Sixteen years and nine models later, the BG PF5 is a rugged workhorse and has the ability to remove up to

90 percent of used fluid in a short period of time. With the BG PF5 cutting transmission service time down by at least 50 percent from that of a pan drop, shops can perform more transmission services, which means more service department revenue.

In February, we’re rolling into the digital age with BG’s new line of Performance Exchange® equipment. Unlike most transmission exchange systems, the BG PXT® 2 Performance Exchange® for Transmissions has a full-color, touch screen that allows the technician to easily customize the service with adjustable fluid metering control to meet specifications for most makes and models. Once specifications are selected, the screen offers foolproof, step-by-step instructions.

With 98 percent of transmission failures attributed to worn-out fluid, BG finds it necessary to remove as much of the used fluid as possible. Like the BG PF5, the BG PXT®2 uses BG Quick Clean for Transmissions, PN 106, to remove carbon deposits with almost all the worn-out transmission fluid. The BG PXT®2 has the ability to install BG Quick Clean without going through the dipstick tube. The BG PXT®2  also uses precision weight scales to maintain fluid balance while dual pumps allow up to seven gallons of fluid to be exchanged in minutes!

The final step in the BG PXT®2 is the installation of BG ATC Plus® Automatic Transmission Conditioner, PN 310, which restores seal pliability and prolongs ATF life by protecting it from the ravaging effects of oxidation. The BG PXT® isn’t all function and no form. It’s a U.S.A.-made, patent-pending, CE approved* workhorse with an all steel-welded powder-coated frame and durable ABS skin. A beautiful piece of equipment. And, the decrease in labor hours per service isn’t too bad either.

*The CE mark (an acronym for the French “Conformité Européenne”). The CE mark means the BG PXT®2 can be sold in the European Union, including 25 countries with a population of over 450 million.

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