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Lab Q&A: High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) diesel injection systems

Question: Why do High Pressure Common Rail injection systems see more rough running engines, misfire, low power and increased emissions than traditional diesel injection systems? Do black fuel filters cause these problems?

Answer: High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) diesel injection systems are designed to produce significantly more power with reduced emissions due to closer tolerances, improved injection metering, and higher injection pressures. But with great technology comes great challenges. In HPCR injection systems, extreme high temperatures and pressures can cause instantaneous breakdown of ULSD fuel into basic carbon (black fuel) form. And, basic carbon can cause premature fuel filter plugging and internal injector deposits.

Fuel filter plugging occurs because the carbon formed during fuel breakdown flows through the fuel return and back into the fuel tank. This darkened fuel is then picked up again to feed the injection system. On the way, the carbon begins laying on the fuel filter media until it reaches a point of plugging.
Internal injector deposits occur in HPCR injection systems because of the very tight clearances within the injector. Just a small amount of internal deposits can lead to sluggish injector operation and lost performance.

Chemistry for traditional injection systems won’t do the trick when fighting these high pressure injector deposits. New diesel detergent technology is required to maximize performance in HPCR injection systems. BG DFC with Lubricity HP, PN 225, cleans fuel injector deposits and prevents black fuel filter plugging in High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) systems.

Will BG DFC Plus HP also address traditional diesel injector deposits? Yes. BG DFC Plus HP provides unsurpassed fuel system protection and prevents the formation of the soot-black fuel byproducts that plug filters and build deposits. It keeps injectors clean, prevents fuel gelling, corrects nozzle fouling, reduces exhaust smoke and protects engine parts against corrosion. It contains a lubricity agent for protection against ULSD. BG DFC Plus HP prevents entrained moisture from icing. It mixes readily with all diesel fuels and is an excellent fuel storage stabilizer.

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