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BG Products, Inc.

BG: Be Green… for life!

Unfortunately, when it comes to being “green,” much of the manufacturing world gets a bad rap. And why wouldn’t they? Things like poor product maintenance and waste management contribute to this bad reputation. 

At BG, we take environmental concerns seriously, and we can proudly say that for years we have been certified as an ISO 14001 company. 

In the spirit of spring, and to wrap up Earth Month, we’re here to tell you how BG goes green! 

ISO 14001 Certified

Right, so what does this mean? Generally, it means that we adhere to the requirements of an International Standard for Environmental Management Systems. This standard outlines criteria for organizations to follow when establishing a system for responsible environmental practices. 

It’s used to help companies, like us, improve resource efficiency, reduce waste, and measure and improve environmental impact. 

Our 2020 goal for waste management is to uphold BG’s three Rs: recycle, reuse, and repurpose. It’s always our goal to reuse or repurpose materials, and dispose is our last resort. With that in mind, we continually review our recycling measures to ensure we are reusing or repurposing as many items as possible.   


It takes a lot of resources to manufacture products and run a company. Our goal for our manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and corporate offices is to recycle as many of these common-use items as possible.

Here are a few examples of what BG recycles on a daily basis:


Usually, manufacturing materials can be used more than once. This practice allows us to be both environmentally and economically savvy. For example, we relabel our cartons with corner wrap labels so we can use them again!  


The items and products we use can be repurposed by altering them for use for a different purpose. We partner with external parties who can use our output (process waste) and turn it into an input (process requirement) for their processes! For example, concrete companies use a type of our container drums as a part of their processes.

This is just a little of what we at BG do to help keep the environment safe. We will continue to uphold our ISO certification and keep striving for environmental management success.  

Happy Earth Month and remember to Be Green with BG! 

Ravon Kirkendoll

BG Integrated Systems (ISO) Coordinator

Ravon has been with BG for nine years and acts as an internal consultant assisting departments with process improvements and conformance to requirements. She is certified as both a ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt and ASQ Auditor, and has seven years’ analytical lab experience spanning a variety of industries.

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