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How to get customers without having a website

You don’t need a website.

Yes, you read that right. There was once a time when it was highly recommended that every single business have a website. Coffee shop? Website. Landscaping company? Website. Personal trainer? Website. Auto repair shop? Website. 


Things have changed. Thanks to social media.
It’s still incredibly crucial that your business has an online presence. The digital world is the present and it’s the future. Whether you have an official online presence or not, conversations about you are happening.
So now the questions are: “If I don’t need a website, how can I have an official online presence?” and “How do I market my services effectively?”

Here are 3 ways you can get customers in the door, without a website.

1. YouTube

The second most popular website on the Internet. And, if we’re going by the website history on my kids’ iPads, it’s soon to surpass Google for the #1 spot. Much like my children, nearly 60 percent of executives prefer watching a video to reading a page of text. Unlike my children, most of these executives watch business-related videos on YouTube and say they went on to make a purchase for their businesses.
Don’t let video marketing intimidate you. You don’t have to hire a video crew every time you need to publish some content. Here are two easy content strategies you can employ today, with your cell phone video camera.
  • Conduct interviews and solicit testimonials
  • Show the effectiveness of your services

2. Social media

You can create content, publish it, promote it, and engage with users all in the same place. But, implementing a content strategy on social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming either. Try these:
  • Publish video content, photos or industry links.
  • Use your videos to create content for social media. Pull quotes, images and GIFs and you will have lots of content to share.
  • Engage with your followers. If you spend more than half your time just responding to questions and initiating conversations, you will be successful.

3. Google My Business

A Google My Business page is the new “You need a website!”. It’s free, it’s easy and it helps you increase search visibility on the #1 search engine on the Internet. It’s basically a business listing. You can post business information, gather leads, and customers can submit testimonials. You can even use it to build a website. Just Google “Google My Business” to get started.

Without a website, how do you get customers?

Without a website, you have fewer options, but you still need a call to action. One major call to action for consumers is (drum-roll please):
  •! If you’re a BG Shop, vehicle owners use to find locations near them, and that location could be you! Check with your BG Representative to make sure all your shop information is up to date.
  • Social media: If you’re looking to connect with customers, they’ll contact you through any social media platform, including Google My Business. Be sure to have your notifications on or check these platforms regularly to respond promptly to their requests. Digital customer service is just as important.
Website or no website, the most important takeaway is that you need to be online. If you’re not, you know by now that you’re missing out on potential business and the opportunity to connect with your current customers.
Even my 85-year-old grandma joined social media just to “wave” at everyone and send “I love you” GIFs from time to time. She gets the importance of an online presence. And now, so should you.

Danielle Wallace

BG Content Strategy Manager

Danielle manages the content for the websites, social media and advertising. She’s contributed articles on marketing to women, social media, advisor training and customer service to automotive publications including Fixed Ops and National Oil and Lube News. While she’s mainly focused on Content and Digital Marketing, Danielle is an astute female consumer who loves to share her stories in hopes of improving customer service at every establishment she frequents.

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