BG Fuel System Drier
PN 280

BG Fuel System Drier absorbs moisture that accumulates from condensation in the fuel tank, holding it suspension until it gets burned with fuel. Because of this, it provides easier cold weather starting and prevents fuel icing and freezing.

Vehicle fuels are prone to water contamination, especially during storage. If this moisture is left untreated, it leads to corrosion in the fuel system, erratic engine operation, and microorganism growth that plugs fuel filters.

BG Fuel System Drier safely and effectively absorbs moisture, holding it in suspension until it can be burned up by the engine. Installed by a professional, it improves cold weather starting and prevents icing or freezing caused by moisture accumulation in diesel and gasoline fuel systems.

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BG 280 | BG Fuel System Drier

PN 280 12 fl. oz. (354 mL) bottle