BG Battery Terminal Protectors
PN 985 & 986

BG Battery Terminal Protectors protect battery terminals from corrosive buildup. The chemical formula is harmless to the battery, paint and other parts.  Fits easily onto the battery posts.

  • Protects battery terminals, cables and carriers
  • Lengthens battery life


How to buy BG products:

For shops:

Because BG products require specific tools, equipment, and/or training, they are for professional use only. Our specially-formulated, high-potency automotive maintenance products should always be handled by a BG-trained professional.

Automotive shops can contact their local distributor to learn more about BG Battery Terminal Protectors.

For vehicle owners:

Vehicle owners can add this product as part of the BG Battery Service

Contact your BG shop to ask about making BG Battery Terminal Protectors part of your regular automotive maintenance.

BG 985_986 | BG Battery Terminal Protectors

PN 985 – Top Post
PN 986 – Side Post
PN 987 – Combo