BG Battery Cleaner – Acid Detector
PN 485

Battery terminals, cables and carriers are vulnerable to corrosive buildup, which can drain the power from a battery.

BG Battery Cleaner – Acid Detector removes corrosion from battery terminals, cables and carriers. It also turns red to warn of the presence of acid or a crack or leak around terminal.
  • Protects battery terminals, cables and carriers
  • Lengthens battery life

How to buy BG products:

For shops:

Because BG products require specific tools, equipment, and/or training, they are for professional use only. Our specially-formulated, high-potency automotive maintenance products should always be handled by a BG-trained professional.

Automotive shops can contact their local distributor to learn more about BG Battery Cleaner – Acid Detector.

For vehicle owners:

Vehicle owners can add this product as part of the BG Battery Service

Contact your BG shop to ask about making BG Battery Cleaner – Acid Detector part of your regular automotive maintenance.

BG 485 | BG Battery Cleaner - Acid Detector

PN 485
Net Wt. 14 oz. (396 g)
Volume 14.19 fl. oz. (420 mL)