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BG Products, Inc.

Two new gear lubes speed drive line service

Modern ring and pinion gear sets, whether limited slip or positive traction, require a final lubricant that contains both a GL-5 lubricant and a limited slip additive. These lubricants combined provide optimum drive performance and gear protection. Generally, they are added from separate containers increasing the chance for errors in treat ratios, which leads to substandard drive line performance and component protection.

In an effort to enhance the BG Products, Inc., gear lubricant offering, BG is proud to announce two new products, BG Ultra-Guard® LS SAE 75W-90, PN 751, and BG Ultra-Guard® LS Heavy Duty SAE 75W-140, PN 753. The ultimate in simplicity and ease of use, these products combine the chatter reduction capabilities of BG Universal MGC®, PN 328, with the wear protection, seal enhancement, and thermal resistance qualities of BG Ultra-Guard

“Both products offer the premium protection of full synthetic gear lubricants with the added convenience of the BG Universal MGC® already formulated into the finished product. This will eliminate the need to add BG Universal MGC® separately,” said BG President Darin Greseth in a distributor memo. “Both BG Ultra-Guard® LS products are excellent for use in conventional and limited slip applications.”

Both products will be incorporated into the Lifetime BG Protection Plan® under the BG Drive Line Service. Technicians taking advantage of these new products when performing a BG Drive Line Service will notice a number of benefits. Both provide increased service speed, application versatility, thermal stability, improved seal performance, and protection against wear, pitting and corrosion.

At BG, we pride ourselves for superior products and efficient services. These new gear lubricants will help us fulfill both of those goals.

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