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The Value of Driveline Services

Drivelines (front differential, transfer case, and rear differential) are one of the most commonly overlooked and least understood by vehicle systems. 

Most vehicle owners are not aware of what driveline services are and why they are important. Your customers might not know that not doing a fluid service can lead to costly repairs. They may see it as another unnecessary additional cost tacked on to services they view as a higher priority.

Why driveline services?

We must service the driveline system due to its operating conditions. It operates under extreme heat and pressure, which causes the breakdown of the gear lubrication in the fluid, which, if not taken care of, will eventually lead to the gears breaking down, causing metal debris and sludge.

Make it known to customers that driveline services are important in preventing avoidable damage to their vehicle that leads to costly repairs. Explain that driveline damage can sometimes lead to transmission damage as well, which is the second most expensive component in their vehicle, and that we recommend getting them serviced in tandem. 

Rough Terrain

Vehicles used on more challenging terrain, like off road applications (mudding, rock-climbing, etc.), will require fluid changes more often due to the wear and possible water ingress. The recommended service interval is every 30,000 miles, but more adventurous vehicle owners might have to bump that interval up to every 15,000 miles to ensure optimal performance offroad. 

BG MAX Multi Application Exchanger

The BG MAX Multi Application Exchanger replaces old fluids with new. It is air-powered and designed to be used with any petroleum-based oil. Think of the MAX like a one-man band; it performs all of the following services:

  • Automotive differentials
  • Manual transmissions
  • Transfer cases
  • Engine oil changes in light and heavy-duty vehicles

Our Service Recommendation

We suggest pairing a transmission service with a driveline service. The two systems are interconnected, and servicing both together ensures a comprehensive approach, addressing potential issues in both areas.

  1. Transmission fluid is dark and contaminated
  2. Vehicles used for towing, hauling, or other severe operation
  3. Within 30,000-mile interval since the last transmission service
  1. Dark, dirty, or burnt gear lubricant
  2. OEM-required service interval
  3. Vehicles that tow, haul, or other severe use
  4. Abnormal vehicle vibration when driving
  5. Noises like whining or howling, especially when turning or increasing speed

Customers fear transmission issues; they are aware of the repair costs for that system. When you educate them on the connected driveline, they will be more likely to select these services. 

These fears are avoidable with the BG Driveline and Transmission Services. Let them know that their vehicle’s driveline and transmission components will stay in great condition if serviced regularly, according to our recommendations—and we back it up!

The Driveline and Transmission Services are included in the BG Lifetime Protection Program®, which aims to extend vehicles’ performance against premature wear and damage. Increase retention by instilling trust in your shop and provide peace of mind to your customers.


Vehicle owners tend to underestimate the importance of driveline services, but these services are essential in preventing lubrication breakdown and damage to components and might prevent transmission issues as well.

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