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How the BG Universal Cooling System Sealer Works

BG Universal Cooling System Sealer

The BG Universal Cooling System Sealer is a chemical additive that completely plugs the coolant system’s leak points to prevent overheating. All you have to do is pour 12 ounces of Cooling System Sealer into the cooling system and run the engine to operating temperature for ten minutes.

The leaks should slow immediately after usage.

How it works

Think of the BG Universal Cooling System Sealer like a blood clot. When there is a wound in our skin, blood platelets fill in the affected area and, with the help of proteins, stick together and form what is essentially a mesh to stop further bleeding.

The BG Universal Cooling System Sealer contains tiny fibers of varying sizes, like the blood platelets, that flow freely through the radiator/heater core of the cooling system. When there is a crack or hole in the system, these particles accumulate in those spaces.

Once other chemicals in the product, when combined with the fibers at the site of the leak, are exposed to air, harden and form a permanent patch that stops coolant from leaking through.


BG developed our testing rig to simulate a cooling system and experimented with numerous types of raw materials. The testing rig included the ability to introduce different sizes of punctures and vary the amount of pressure applied to the system. We measured how quickly the materials would plug the holes and how easily they flowed freely through the passageways.

Because of our in-depth testing, we can ensure that BG Universal Cooling System Sealer patches leaks without clogging the radiator pumps. It’s compatible with all coolant types and is engineered for long-term durability.

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