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The game-changing power of the BG Rev-It: A Q&A with the BG Proving Ground

At our annual Convention last year, we announced a new tool that would forever change the way BG induction services are performed.

The new BG Rev-It® automatically revs the engine to ensure the accuracy of services. This, in turn, frees up valuable technician time, allowing them to increase productivity in the shop.

To give you a clear picture of how we came up with the Rev-It and what we think it will mean to the field, I set up a question and answer session with some of the best brains in the industry: Tom Probus, BG Automotive Research Specialist, John Cheek, BG Senior Design Engineer, and Casey Greseth, BG Field Trainer and General Sales Manager for Kansas BG.

Jay Erwin: How did the idea come about?

Tom Probus: The Rev-It was born of necessity. 

Through testing, we discovered that revving the engine in a specific manner improved the efficacy of an induction service… drastically. When the BG Platinum­® service hit the scene, we were able to improve induction services (on specific models) even more with consistent revving.

We were looking for repeatable, quality results. The key to these results was the combination of a new tool design and revving the engine in a specific manner.

This revelation was crucial to service success, but it posed a challenge. Consistent revving meant a technician had to sit inside the vehicle during the entire service. Depending on the tool they were using and the amount of product administered during the service, a technician could be in the vehicle for up to an hour and a half!

We knew we needed to automate engine revving if we wanted to get technicians to perform services correctly… or at all. And so we did. I brought the idea to our engineering team and they got to work.

Jay: What was the development process like? 

John Cheek: Initially, we looked into our options for electronically manipulating the vehicle’s throttle position. In the end, directly controlling the RPMs with an outside force proved a more universal and reliable option. That’s how we got to our early prototypes for the Rev-It. 

The amazing part was how well it worked right from the start. Tom (Probus) hooked up a small electronic controller board and a modified throttle depressor and we were able to reliably rev a car on the first try! It was pretty awesome.

Jay: What challenges did you face when developing it?

John: We were happy the first try was successful, but that initial rev was far from the finish line. There were a lot of annoying, tedious issues that came up during development. From electrical interference to fitting everything into an existing case to making the pedal clamp as universal as possible. Yeah… it was a challenge.

Tom: We always had three main considerations:

  1. Making a tool that would work on all vehicles
  2. Making a tool that isn’t too complex 
  3. Making a tool that’s easy for technicians to set up and use

There’s a Richard Branson quote I always keep in the back of my mind, “Complexity is our enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It’s hard to keep things simple.” 

He’s definitely right about that, but we eventually worked out the kinks.

Jay: The Rev-It is considered a game-changer. Why do you think that is?

Tom: I was a technician for 20 years. If this tool was available then, I would’ve used it every single day. Automating the service reduces human error almost completely. Having a tool that allows the service to be performed correctly every single time… that’s a game-changer.

Casey Greseth: One important aspect of a successful BG program is the effect our services have on shop efficiency. Performing two or three BG services on vehicles in addition to their primary service concerns is a great way to increase a technician’s output. That being said, it’s incredibly inefficient to have a skilled technician sit in a car for 30 minutes… just to rev the engine.

Like Tom said, it’s a game-changer. The Rev-It allows the technician to maximize his time while cleaning the fuel system. It also ensures the service is completed correctly, which helps avoid unnecessary post-service problems.

Tom: Exactly. Anything we can do to make something faster, easier, and with fewer errors is going to improve technician efficiency.

Jay: Why is Rev-It so important to the field? 

Tom: When technician efficiency goes up, so does morale. It’s a domino effect. The Service Managers are happier because the service department is more productive and that impacts the end-user experience. When you have good morale and a well-operating service department, the customer experience at that dealership or independent shop is always going to be top-notch.

Casey: The Rev-It will do for service procedure what the Platinum service did for service setup. One of the easiest services to hook up to a vehicle is now one of the easiest to perform. We have the best chemistry. We have the best service tool. 

Tom: That’s how we create the BG experience: through quality products, tools, and services. It’s a culture that none of our competitors can even come close to.

BG will continue to innovate

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we will continue to innovate. We have an incredibly talented team in the BG Proving Ground, who all work hard to push BG forward. This is an accomplishment shared by the whole team. We’re proud this tool is part of our arsenal, and with the Rev-It now on the market, we’re eager to see the results.

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