March 17, 2021

WICHITA, Kan. – The new augmented reality BG Experience App allows automotive professionals to look inside today’s engine technology. They can explore internal engine components virtually to see how deposits build up and cause drivability problems. Then, see how preventive maintenance with BG effectively addresses each challenge.

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“The purpose is to effectively communicate the value of automotive maintenance with BG,” states Andy Baldassarre, Director of Marketing and Training. “And with the BG Experience App, Service Advisors can place a virtual engine or car right on the service drive to show vehicle owners a 3D demonstration of the features and benefits of automotive maintenance.”

BG Experience App user:
“No wonder you guys dominate the market. Each year you bring something that amazes us. It shows just how far you are ahead of the competition.” Ford Service Manager – Detroit, Michigan

The BG Experience App includes:

  • Today’s engine technology: View how engine technologies can contribute to deposit formation.
  • Engine deposit formation: See where deposits form and how they impact engine performance. 
  • BG Engine Performance Service: Learn how BG Engine Performance Service restores ring function and addresses injector deposits.
  • BG Platinum® Fuel System Service: Learn more about how the industry leading gasoline direct injection cleaning service addresses intake valve and combustion chamber deposits.
  • BG Dynamic Engine Restoration Service: Watch the Dynamic Engine Restoration Service restore a neglected engine with heavy sludge deposits.
  • Brake Module: See how moisture gets into the brake system and how to perform a BG Brake Service using specialized equipment.

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Google play store for BG tech app
app store for BG tech APP

About BG Products, Inc. 

BG products are proven to make vehicles last longer and perform better. In a recent national survey, automotive experts said they use BG Products as their supplier of fluid maintenance service products and equipment by a margin of nearly 5 to 1 over any other supplier. In partnership with an international network of distributors, BG serves the driving public with innovative automotive maintenance products.