November 11, 2020

WICHITA, Kan. — BG’s new vacuum-coolant machine is designed with the future in mind. The BG MVP (Multi-Vehicle Platform) Coolant Exchanger allows a technician to move seamlessly between reservoirs and complete a cooling system service in less time with less effort. 

“It’s universal, convenient, and simple. It’s everything a technician needs in a cooling system exchange,” said Jay Erwin, Director of the BG Proving Ground.


  • Compatible for use on any vehicle with a coolant system, including hybrid electric and electric vehicles (HEVs and EVs)
  • Two cone adaptors will fit most vehicles
  • One tube size means no guessing on tube length


  • No disconnecting and reconnecting between the engine and the machine
  • Handheld dispenser controls the entire service at the vehicle
  • 360-degree view of fluid levels


  • Intuitive operation with handheld dispenser
  • Two lines run to the dispenser, so no intermixing of new/used fluid
  • Move seamlessly from one reservoir to the next 
  • No pumps or impellers to replace

Like the BG CT2 and BG CT4 Coolant Transfusion Systems, the BG MVP Coolant Exchanger:

  • Exchanges worn out coolant for fresh coolant
  • Prevents the intermixing of new and used coolant

Contact your BG Distributor to get your BG MVP!

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