BG MVP Coolant Exchanger
PN E101-2378

Say goodbye to time-consuming and messy drain-and-fill coolant changes! The BG MVP makes servicing cooling systems simple and convenient thanks to its intuitive design and engine compatibility.   

The BG MVP is compatible with any vehicle with a coolant system, including hybrid electric and electric vehicles (HEVs and EVs)!

Machine features: 

  • Two cone adaptors to fit most vehicles
  • One tube size means no guessing on tube length
  • No disconnecting and reconnecting between the engine and the machine
  • Handheld dispenser controls the entire service at the vehicle
  • 360-degree view of fluid levels

Simple and easy-to-use:

  • Intuitive operation with handheld dispenser
  • Two lines run to the dispenser, so no intermixing of new/used fluid
  • Move seamlessly from one reservoir to the next 
  • No pumps or impellers to replace

The BG MVP performs an effective BG Cooling System Service, exchanging worn-out coolant for fresh, new coolant. This machine is the latest in BG’s line of coolant transfusion systems. Click here to learn more about our cooling system products and equipment. 


BG Cooling System Service

BG MVP Coolant Exchanger is part of the BG Cooling System Service.


How to get the BG MVP 

The BG MVP is professional use only. Contact your local BG Distributor to see about getting this tool for your shop!

How to get a BG Cooling System Service

Click to find a BG shop

Find your local BG Shop for a cooling system service using the BG MVP. 

The BG Cooling System Service is backed by the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®. Click here to learn about entry requirements, service intervals, and covered components.

PN E101-2378