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The Winter Chemistry of Diesel Fuel

Winter is upon us. Cold temperatures will settle across most of the United States, and cold temps spell trouble for diesel fuel. These problems aren’t simply a matter of temperature, but a matter of temperature AND chemistry. Allow me to explain.

The Winter Chemistry of Diesel Fuel

Wax Crystals

Diesel fuel is comprised of a blend of several different hydrocarbon chain molecules. Some of these are a waxy crystalline substance known as paraffin wax. Under normal temperatures, this paraffin wax remains dispersed in liquid form. However, as the temperature drops, the wax solidifies into a crystalline formation.

When temperatures continue to drop, these wax crystals begin to stick together, forming larger and larger clumps of wax that will dramatically thicken the fuel. This process is referred to as diesel fuel gelling.

This gelled diesel contains wax crystals so large that they can’t fit through the fuel filters and eventually cause the fuel supply to the engine to become choked off. As you can imagine, that’s a big problem no diesel owner wants to deal with.

Wax Crystals
Ice crystals

Ice Crystals​

Additionally, diesel fuel tends to accumulate water. This is quite problematic at very cold temperatures as any entrained moisture contained within the fuel will also begin to freeze and form ice crystals, which only serves to further exacerbate any other fuel problems. This is called diesel fuel icing and can also contribute to fuel filter plugging during winter months. An easily avoidable problem, but every winter this happens across the country to diesel owners.

Problems BG Can Prevent

DFC Plus HP Easy Treat

The combination of these two phenomena presents serious problems for diesel owners, but also serious opportunities for shop owners and dealerships. Diesel vehicles need their fuel to be protected against gelling and icing during the cold winter months, and BG Products has just the chemistry to ensure they stay up and running.

BG cold-temperature diesel fuel conditioners are formulated with performance-enhancing chemistries such as cold flow improver, pour point depressant, and de-icer. These can prevent diesel fuel issues during the coldest of winters.

Service shops and dealerships need to make sure that their diesel-owning customers know the importance of treating diesel fuel with one of BG’s diesel fuel conditioners. They are packaged in easy-treat bottles for quick pour-in for everyday drivers. See the benefits from every bottle, not only for cold temperature protection, but also for fuel injector cleanliness, fuel stabilization, lubricity, and corrosion prevention.

Nobody wants to deal with downed vehicles caused by clogged fuel filters. Cold winter months are here; act now to avoid diesel fuel gelling and icing. Don’t get left out in the cold. Protect your customers’ vehicles and get BG fuel conditioners in their tanks today!

Find a local BG Distributor today and become a BG shop!

Find a local BG Distributor today and become a BG shop!