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Here’s why you should drive your car during quarantine.

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Fact or Myth: It’s not harmful for your vehicle to sit for an extended period of time.  

Answer: Myth! Yes, myth.

It’s more harmful for your vehicle to be dormant during this time than driven every day. Why? Fuel absorbs moisture over time and long-term contact can lead to corrosion in your fuel system. 

We have some tips to keep you and your vehicle safe during this uncertain time:

  1. Take it for a drive – even just 15 minutes a day will help. This gets you out of the house in a secure environment and keeps you from costly repairs bills once things are back to normal. 

  2. Use BG Supercharge® II in your vehicle (for gasoline only). It protects against rust and corrosion, and provides long-term fuel storage stability. 
Why is this important? 

We know that many are experiencing financial hardships during this time. We want to help you protect your vehicle and avoid costly repairs caused by corrosion. 

Find a BG Shop near you and ask them about adding BG Supercharge® II to your vehicle.  

Remember: always abide by local quarantine laws and guidelines

Find a local BG Distributor today and become a BG shop!