December 13, 2018

WICHITA, Kan – Effective January 1, 2019, vehicles with 75,001-125,000 (120,001-200,000 km) can enter the Lifetime BG Protection Plan® under Plan 2 when customers “reset” their engines with the BG Dynamic Engine Restoration Service.

The BG Dynamic Engine Restoration Service was originally developed to be an approved warranty repair service for a prominent European automaker. Through continuous testing and improvement, it is now compatible and effective for use in all makes and models.

“In more ways than one, the BG Dynamic Engine Restoration Service is like a ctrl+alt+delete for your engine,” said Nathan Ebert, BG Chief Business & Strategy Officer. “It’s a proven safe cleaning service that also offers automatic entry into the free Lifetime BG Protection Plan® for vehicles with higher mileage.”

Dynamic Engine Restoration Service for higher mileage vehicles

Over time and miles, all vehicles accumulate carbon deposits. Without proper maintenance, these deposits can turn into damaging sludge. The results are:

  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Slow throttle response
  • Power loss
  • Excessive smoke

BG Dynamic Engine Restoration Service removes even the most stubborn engine oil deposits and buildup. The service includes:

  • BG Dynamic Engine Cleaner to thoroughly clean the crankcase and the entire lubrication system
  • BG Dynamic Engine Cleaner Rinse Oil to remove the cleaner and suspended residue
  • BG Advanced Formula MOA®, formulated with 100 percent synthetic chemistry, to protect engine components and fortify all brands of engine oil.
  • BG 44K® Platinum™ with high-quality detergents poured right into the gas tank to clean the fuel system and restore performance and fuel economy

How to get coverage

If you have between 75,001-125,000 (120,001-200,00 km), you can still get Plan 2 coverage under the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®.

Ask for a BG Dynamic Engine Restoration Service at your next oil change.

How to keep coverage

After the initial service, continue coverage with a BG engine service and adhere to the oil change intervals stated in the Lifetime BG Protection Plan® certificate.

Ask your BG shop how you can hit ctrl+alt+del and get your high mileage vehicle covered by the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®.

About BG Products, Inc.

BG Products’ mission is to make sure all vehicle owners know the importance of automotive maintenance. The reliability of your vehicle is important. To us, preventive maintenance ensures reliability. That’s why we offer the best preventive maintenance services. You can trust that when you ask for BG products at your local repair shop, you’re asking for more than routine maintenance. You’re asking for peace of mind in long-term performance and reliability.