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BG Products, Inc.

“Diesel de-carb service prevents EGR clogging”

Subject: De-Carbon Service

To Whom It May Concern:

In July of this year, Bar G Products introduced us to the BG Induction cleaning service they developed specifically for diesel vehicles. It is a two-stage process that breaks down and removes carbon deposits in both the fuel intake system and the EGR system.

To date, we have performed this service approximately a dozen times. We have had great success with preventing repeat repairs for clogged EGR valves. In the past, we have seen vehicles that we either cleaned or replaced EGR valves that return in a short time with the EGR valves clogged again, sometimes within two thousand miles or less. We have not yet had a vehicle return after the BG diesel Induction service has been performed, due to either coking or any problems arising from performing the service.

I’m sure those vehicles may develop a carbon or coking problem again over time, but none within the short time we have previously seen. It is my understanding that BG had a fleet company test this service for them for some time before bringing it to the market. The fleet company performs the service as part of their routine maintenance at 30K-mile intervals, and has greatly reduced their vehicle downtime due to fuel system and EGR system coking and carbon deposits.

We have had customers make statements like, “My truck hasn’t run this good since it was new.”

Based on our experience with this product, I would not hesitate to recommend it to any customer, or any other shop considering offering it to their customers.

Service Manager

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