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BG Products, Inc.

“Ford Diesel Service increases performance”

To Whom It May Concern:

Bening Ford of Fredericktown purchased an equipment package specifically designed to service Ford 6.0 diesel engines from BG Products. We have successfully used this induction and EGR product to clean numerous vehicles with incredible results. Almost all of the trucks we have serviced with the product were suffering from similar complaints including lack of power, turbo lag, poor fuel economy, or indications of injector failure.

Before we had this service available, we would have to replace failed components while not addressing what we now believe was the root cause of the performance and component failures. After using this service as a customer-pay maintenance procedure, we not only increased overall performance of the truck, we created the highest customer satisfaction of a 6.0 diesel owner in years. We actually have created a group of clients that are in love with their Ford product again. They had been very disappointed in the engine performance and number of repairs they had endured over the past several years. In addition to repairing the problems listed above, we have also dramatically improved cold start characteristics and shifting patterns (probably due to better engine readings provided to the PCM).

I highly recommend this service to all 6.0 diesel owners and believe that if this repair was warrantable, it would drastically cut down on our overall warranty expenses while giving these owners satisfaction and loyalty with their product that they had been trying to regain for years.

Parts and Service Director
Bening Ford of Fredericktown

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