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BG Universal Super Cool® Reformulated for Hybrid Vehicles

In 2021, sales for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) doubled¹. Demand for EVs (electric vehicles) has grown markedly over the past decade thanks to heightened environmental concerns, greater availability of models, increased cost competitiveness with conventional gas vehicles, and improved vehicle ranges. These factors are expected to continue to drive increased adoption over the 2021–31 decade, with the wide availability of tax incentives and other government programs supporting this trend further². With this in mind, we reformulated our BG Universal Super Cool® for better use in HEVs.

BG Universal Super Cool® safeguards against foaming and corrosion within the cooling system, keeping it in better, longer-lasting condition between oil changes. The anti-corrosive fluid prevents abrasive metal from saturating the coolant and eroding components of the cooling system. This safeguard helps avert potential engine overheating issues.

Extended drain intervals

Hybrid electric cooling systems work similarly to traditional systems, often equipped with dedicated coolant lines and reservoirs to the hybrid battery unit. Regardless of the different components, the coolant that goes into HEVs is the same that goes into traditional vehicles.

The primary distinction between traditional vehicles and HEVs regarding cooling systems is the wear. Because of extended drain intervals, coolant degradation can be more severe in HEVs. Fortunately, enhancing our formula to address this concern also improves its effectiveness across all vehicles.


BG’s Research and Development Lab (R&D) and Proving Ground dedicated significant effort to evaluating and sampling coolants used in today’s hybrid vehicles. 

To solve the issue of coolant degradation due to hybrid electric vehicles extended drain intervals, BG amped up the anti-corrosion abilities of Universal Super Cool® by adding a blend of diacids. Diacids create a protective barrier on metal alloys, specifically aluminum in our case, to inhibit corrosion and staining within the cooling system.


It was important to make sure BG Universal Super Cool® remained compatible with all brands of coolants on the market. Super Cool integrates seamlessly into various vehicle types and coolant systems, catering to a wide spectrum of coolant needs while delivering peak efficiency and functionality.

When we recommend

Add BG Universal Super Cool® to cooling system every 15,000 miles (24,000 km) or whenever additional rust or corrosion protection is desired.

Benefits to the shop

BG’s commitment to innovation continues as we adapt to the evolving landscape. Our BG Cooling Service and Universal Super Cool® are tailored to address the specific needs of HEVs/EVs. You can count on our products to help you provide solutions to these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.

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Find a local BG Distributor today and become a BG shop!