BG Quick Cure Headlight Restoration Kit
PN 876

When headlights turn cloudy and yellow, it’s primarily caused by the deterioration of the UV layer. The oxidation of this protective layer can make the headlight appear hazy and reduce light output by more than 75 percent, which affects the safety of the driver and ultimately the resale value of the vehicle.

The BG Quick Cure™ Headlight Restoration Kit features and easy-to-apply aerosol UV protective sealant with both anti-UV ray and anti-yellowing agents, as well as special sealing components that help the new UV layer cure in minutes!

Kit includes:

– BG Quick Cure™ Headlight Restoration Sealant
– 1000-grit sandpaper sheet
– 600-grit sandpaper sheet
– Masking paper
– Masking tape
– Sanding block
– White towel

BG 876 | BG Quick Cure™ Headlight Restoration Kit

PN 876