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Lab Q&A: PXT®2 transmission machine power supply

Question: Why does my BG PXT®2 just turn off sometimes?

Answer: The BG PXT®2 Performance Exchange® for Transmissions is designed to work with DC voltage between 11 VDC (volts of direct current) and 14.9 VDC with good power supply connections. If the charge is low or the connection is bad, the BG PXT®2 will not operate properly and will potentially turn off.

Typically, the power supply used for the BG PXT®2 is the vehicle’s battery.

NOTE: An automotive charging system should be between 13.5 VDC and 14.5 VDC at idle with no loads. If the voltage is below 13.5 VDC or above 14.5 VDC, then the charging system might not be able to keep the battery at 100 percent capacity.

If the BG PXT®2 power cord cannot be attached directly to the battery, the BG PXT®2 power cord must be attached to remote battery jump terminals.
When the engine is started, there is a possibility that the voltage at the remote battery jump terminals can drop below 11 VDC causing the BG PXT®2 to shut down. However, once the vehicle is running, the voltage will return to normal operating voltage. The BG PXT®2 will turn back on and you will have to go back through the on-screen menu to set up the transmission service. To eliminate shut down, simply start the vehicle first and then attach the BG PXT®2 power cord to the remote battery jump terminals.

Again, using sufficient voltage with good power supply connections will ensure steady BG PXT®2 operation for the duration of the BG Transmission Service.

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