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The Importance of Fluid Maintenance in 8, 9, and 10-Speed Transmissions

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive technology, the advent of automatic transmissions with 8, 9, and 10 speeds brings significant advancements. While these innovations bring undeniable benefits, they also introduce additional complexities, emphasizing the crucial role of fluid maintenance in ensuring these sophisticated transmissions’ longevity and optimal performance.

More Gears, More Complications

Incorporating more gears in modern automatic transmissions contributes substantially to fuel efficiency. However, having more gears also means more upkeep. The intricate nature of these transmissions requires meticulous maintenance to prevent premature wear and tear. Dealerships and auto shops must educate customers on the importance of proactive fluid maintenance to avoid potential issues.

Costly to Fix

These newer transmissions can be very expensive to fix or replace, not that transmissions have ever been cheap. The high-gear technology that makes the driving experience smoother and more fuel efficient makes repairing or purchasing a new transmission big bucks. Encourage customers to invest in transmission fluid maintenance to save money on costly fixes/repairs later.

Thermostatic Control for Fluid Temperature

Since the invention of the six-speed gearbox, some newer transmissions have used thermostats to regulate fluid temperature and keep it hotter. This higher temperature wears down the transmission fluid more quickly over a shorter period of time.

Lower Viscosity Fluid

Even though the transmission runs hotter in high-gear transmissions, they use lower-viscosity fluids, aiming for enhanced fuel efficiency and performance. This combination highlights the necessity for diligent fluid maintenance, as lower-viscosity fluid breaks down more rapidly. It’s important to inspect transmission fluids and replace them on time.
regular vs. "low viscosity" transmission fluid

Transmission Service

In the ’90s, transmissions were limited to 3–5 gears due to technological constraints. Fast forward to today, and your customers are driving vehicles equipped with a diverse range of gear configurations. The prevalence of sophisticated, higher-gear transmissions presents a strategic opportunity for leveraging the BG Transmission Service to meet the evolving needs of today’s vehicles.

BG PXT Transmission Service

When to suggest a transmission service:

  • Transmission fluid is dark and contaminated
  • Vehicles used for towing, hauling, or other severe operation
  • Within 30,000-mile intervals since last transmission service
  • Paired with any transmission or driveline repairs


By educating customers on the intricacies of high-gear transmissions and promoting proactive maintenance practices, your business will not only enhance the performance and longevity of vehicles but also establish yourself as a trustworthy partner in the automotive industry.

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