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BG Products, Inc.

“I highly recommend the BG Diesel Induction Service”

I, Charles, owner and Vice President of Sam Scism Form Lincoln Mercury have been successfully using the BG diesel induction/EGR cleaning service for four months with amazing results. Many newer 6.0L trucks and vans, still under factory warranty, arrived at our dealership with an extreme lack of power, poor fuel economy and injector failure.

Under normal circumstances many of these would have needed an intake manifold replacement, replacement of one or more fuel injectors and/or replacement of the EGR valve. As an alternative to replacing these vital and costly parts, we performed the BG Diesel Induction/EGR Service. The induction/EGR service provided exceptional removal of deposits within the EGR and fuel systems: resolving turbo lag, greatly improving power, acceleration and fuel economy. Cold start characteristics of the serviced vehicles were also dramatically improved. This service rectified the problems and increased customer satisfaction and confidence as drivability was successfully restored.

I highly recommend this service as a cost-efficient repair and as part of routine preventive maintenance for all 6.0L Ford trucks.

Owner and VP Sam Scism
Ford Lincoln Mercury

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