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“Lifetime BG Protection Plan® delivers!”


It seems the BG warranty really does pay off for customers who continue to do their required services. We had two claims approved for total repair by the BG warranty claims adjuster in the past two weeks. There was no hassle with BG. We called in the claim sent in all the customer’s paperwork to show the BG products were constant and the claim was approved. We performed the repairs; called in the finished RO; and were paid on the spot by credit card. Way to do business BG! It is everything you say it is.

Here are the claims as follows:
The first claim is regarding a differential that was covered through BG’s protection plan already, but basically one of our customers had come in with a rear end noise complaint. After some diagnosis found internal failure in the differential assembly. The customer qualified for the protection plan and after a phone call to set it up and a second call to finalize the claim the protection plan had authorized $2,000 worth of repairs, not only covering full book time for customer pay and 100 percent of our door rate, but also full price on the parts end as well!

After all of that was done, I had to fax a final invoice in for payment and within about an hour somebody had called me back with a credit card number for payment. The customer was very satisfied.

The second claim was submitted yesterday on a Chrysler 300 with a shudder while shifting. Our tech diagnosed that a torque converter replacement was needed due to the condition and referred to an open Technical Service Bulletin from Chrysler. Same thing as the differential, I called in and setup the basic claim. After faxing in some service records for review, they called me back and confirmed the customer’s eligibility and covered $1,000 of the repair, which put the customer out only $5.83 for a new torque converter!

At any rate, that claim hasn’t been closed out yet. So far, it’s been as easy as the first one. The customer is very happy that we have this program. He assured me several times that he’ll be back, and this experience has helped him understand the value of the services we offer for his vehicle.

Service Manager

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