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On Break with Belluomo: BG MOA®

In this episode, Michael Belluomo discusses BG MOA®. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Hey, good afternoon BG audience. Mike Belluomo here. I’m taking a little coffee break. Sometimes it’s too cold, sometimes it’s too hot. Today, it’s just right. 

Today, I’m going to give you a little understanding of BG MOA®

I have some sunscreen here to kind of cement the concept. Sunscreen, as we know, protects your skin. In the sunlight, without the right protection, your skin can suffer some wear and tear. That’s not good. Simply applied, it provides everything you need for a whole day in the beautiful sunshine. 

MOA actually works in a similar fashion. MOA used with engine oil actually improves the properties of the oil to protect your engine. “How does it do that?” you say. Well, I’ll explain it to you! 

The protectors in MOA are specifically designed to help the engine when there is high heat and high wear and tear.

Normal driving brings us that every day. The oil itself is really just designed to last so long, and what it needs is a little booster. 

Like sunscreen, MOA actually gives you that protection by coating the engine parts and protecting them against the ravages of wear and tear. It carries debris away and cools the engine day to day. It actually makes your oil last longer. 

I like to use BG MOA every oil change because it actually enhances the protection my normal engine oil brings. Much like sunscreen, I could probably be out in the sun and be okay. But, okay isn’t good enough for me. If I want to protect this fragile beauty that I call a face, I like to make sure I put enough sunscreen on there. My adoring fans like to see it that way. 

What I would do is put MOA in my engine and who knows, you might look as good as me someday! Thank you for stopping in. I’ll have caffeine ready next time. And until then I bid you ado. Bye-bye.

Michael Belluomo

BG Technical Service Manager

Mike Belluomo has 35 years of experience in fuel and lube technologies. He manages all product-related inquires and assists with BGU and Distributor-specific training. He is a regular contributor of articles on product understanding and technical industry trends.

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