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BG Products, Inc.

New BG Platinum® 44K® even more powerful in GDI engines

WICHITA, Kan. – BG Products, Inc., has upgraded the number one aftermarket fuel system cleaner among automotive service managers. New BG Platinum® 44K® is a next-generation gas tank additive that delivers powerful cleaning to modern gasoline direct injection (GDI) fuel delivery and combustion systems.

Carbon buildup in GDI engines is getting tougher and tougher to remove. And with GDI engines powering a majority of new vehicles on the road, this is a big problem to solve.

“Based on our research, BG Platinum® 44K® is the most comprehensive cleaning product available for all gasoline fuel systems, especially today’s smaller, boosted engines,”

Piston top in a 2015 GDI engine with 32,276 miles

Injector in a 2015 GDI engine with 32,276 miles


  • Improves combustion performance
  • Removes accumulated deposits from the oxygen sensor
  • Cleans the catalytic converter
  • Removes deposits in combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports and on valves
  • Restores flow to fuel injectors
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Stays in the fuel system and continues to clean over time and miles


  • Increases power output
  • Restores engine performance and improves drivability
  • Reduces engine knock or run-on tendencies
  • Restores fuel economy

When used as part of the BG Platinum® Fuel System Service every 15,000 miles (25,000 km), BG Platinum® 44K® yields up to $4,000 in coverage for lubricated parts in the fuel system, including intake valves.

Ask your service professional to add BG Platinum® 44K® to your next fuel system service to keep your vehicle running better, longer.

About BG Products, Inc.

BG products are proven to make vehicles last longer and perform better. In a recent national survey, automotive experts said they use BG Products as their supplier of fluid maintenance service products and equipment by a margin of nearly 5 to 1 over any other supplier. In partnership with an international network of distributors, BG serves the driving public with innovative automotive maintenance products.

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