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Lab Q&A: Should I leave BG EPR® in the engine?

Question: Can I leave BG EPR® in my engine until my next oil change?

Answer: No. BG EPR® Engine Performance Restoration,® PN 109, reduces oil contamination by fuel and minimizes oil evaporation into the air intake, which is a common problem in gasoline direct injection engines. This results in more miles per tank and decreased tailpipe emissions! BG EPR® is liquid gold when it comes to engine maintenance.

If BG EPR® is liquid gold, then what’s the harm in keeping it in the engine all the time? Ever-present in the engine, BG EPR® could ideally affect optimum performance all the time and hinder all deposit buildup.
Unfortunately, that is not true.
EPR Engine Performance restoration

BG EPR® is designed to remove deposits from components and suspend them in the oil to be removed during the oil change. If BG EPR® is left in the engine for more than the recommended service time, eventually it will evaporate out and re-deposit the heavier oil fractions within the engine. This is especially true if the oil is allowed to cool and the heavier debris separates out.

It’s like when you wash greasy dishes in hot water, removing the oily fats. When the water begins to cool down, the detergents therein get heavy with gunk and the sludgy grease settles to the bottom of the sink in one slimy mess.

Similarly, sludge resulting from BG EPR® evaporating can clog the filter and lay on components, causing problems that BG EPR® was initially used to avoid. In other words, leaving BG EPR® in your engine defeats the original purpose of the product and could leave your engine with a slimy mess.

For maximum deposit removal, let it run with BG EPR® for about 10 minutes. For best results, please use BG EPR,® and all BG maintenance products, as directed.

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