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It’s all about the fluids!

You can’t expect what you don’t inspect!

Fluid maintenance has proven itself as the key to long vehicle life. In the same way, your doctor won’t discuss any malady without first checking your blood pressure and taking fluid samples, neither does an automotive professional.

If you know the condition and history of a vehicle’s fluid maintenance, you’ll have an accurate assessment of that vehicle’s past and a much better possibility of predicting its future. Knowing the condition of all of your vehicle’s fluids requires taking the right samples in the right way.

Inspecting the Fluids

  • Engine oil cannot be judged on color alone. “Clean” looking oil may still be deficient of important additives. A premium oil should be able to suspend all contaminants and carry them to the filter.
  • Brake fluid attracts and absorbs water and may become corrosive due to severe use. Mis-handled brake fluid will also damage painted surfaces.
  • Hot coolant carries heat away from the engine. Removing the radiator cap too soon may result in severe burns and other injuries.
  • Transmission fluid inspection requires a technician trained in the art of detecting viscosity decrease, contaminants and abnormally burned fluid.
  • Power steering fluid inspection requires the trained eye of a service professional. Abnormal levels of contamination, fluid shearing, and seal damage may be overlooked by the untrained eye.

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