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BG Products, Inc.

Ford ambulances revived with BG services

I would like to say thanks for all your help and your excellent products. I especially want to thank you for helping us solve our troubles our fleet was having with fuel injectors and EGR systems. I came in a little over a year ago as the Fleet Manager and was having a great deal of trouble with both. Being an ambulance service, our trucks are subjected to the worst and most extreme conditions for over 20 hours each day. They either sit and idle for hours on end, or they are at full acceleration. Each unit averages 1,000 miles per week; break-downs and excessive down time are unacceptable.

In Tulsa alone, we run 36 ambulances and 12 support vehicles which, before starting the BG program, were getting a very thorough 50-point preventive maintenance service every 4,000 miles. But despite this, we were still having issues with injectors and EGR valves sticking. Many times, ambulances would come in “on the hook” due to a failure of the fuel system or EGR system, which is an extremely serious situation considering the nature of our business.

After consulting with Ford engineers, they told me I needed to service my vehicle every 40 hours of run-time or 2,000 miles. Well, this created another serious problem, simply put, we did not have the man-power or the budget to do what Ford had suggested, and we had no guarantee that it would truly help our situation. That is when we turned to you and your products.

I was told that BG Products was a reputable specialty chemistry and lubricant company, and I hoped that your products could help us with the issues our fleet was facing. Immediately I was impressed with your EGR and injector cleaning tools and chemistry, and we began to see results right away, but the most impressive products were the oil additives. Since Ford 6.0L Diesel engines have oil-fired injection systems, your additives helped us to clean and protect our injectors so that we could establish a cost effective and reliable preventive maintenance program. We also decided to treat our fuel with your conditioner as well and, since the introduction of BG Products, my injector failures have decreased by 60% and my sticking EGR valves are a thing of the past. My overall downtime has decreased as well.

I have since started using almost all of BG Products with just as good of results. The synthetic transmission fluid and the use of your flush machine and chemistry has also proven itself by a reduction in transmission failures. We are presently looking at other areas that BG Products can help us keep our fleet in top condition.

I just want to thank you again for your support and service after the sale. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I hope your company continues to find way to make me look good!

Eastern Division Fleet Manager/EMSA Ambulance Co.

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