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BG Products, Inc.

“BG products will amaze you”


I’ve been a BG customer for over a year now and I’ve just been blown away by how valuable BG products and tools have been to my shop. After believing in store-bought products that do not work, I was truly needing a product that was going to keep my downtime to a minimum, our vehicle fleet are ’96-’05.

After speaking to a BG Rep, he was able to see the situation I was in with our techs and had become deeply concerned. I was put on a fleet care plan. Using the oil treatments, I was able to see after a year the engine oil is not black.

BG is like the second hand helping me to not have engine downtime. The gasoline and diesel cleaners are an amazing must. The diesel cleaners will just amaze you with the amount of black that comes out of the injectors, showing you just how great the product works. The gas treatments are outstanding when you have the techs driving 3,000 miles plus a month saving more gas and putting more money in their pockets is a must. Let’s not kid, the gas of today is the worst I’ve seen time and time again.

After doing the air and fuel treatments, you just become amazed by how smooth the engine becomes, idles down and how much carbon is inside these engines and the smoke is not white like other products hurting the engine. You’ll be able to see what comes out of the tailpipe and will be a believer. Well, I can go on and on and I’ll write up another testimonial another time. Thanks BG for being my second hand when I’ve needed y’all.


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