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BG Products, Inc.

NEW BG Clear View Windshield Service Kit

WICHITA, Kan. – BG Products, Inc., is proud to announce the new BG Clear View Windshield Service Kit, PN KW01-USCD. This service can be added to any wiper blade replacement!


“We're excited to offer this protective kit as a solution to an often neglected but important piece of the vehicle—the windshield. If your customers drive in inclement weather or live in an area with a lot of dust or pollution, the BG Clear View Windshield Service Kit will benefit them tremendously.”

All drivers have experienced a dirty windshield at some point. Dust, dirt, and bugs greatly hinder the range of vision. We all know it’s a safety issue if the windshield is left dirty, unprotected, and neglected. 

BG Clear View Windshield Service Kit quickly restores optimal clarity and cleanliness; it’s an essential clear choice for optimized driving safety. Add value to wiper replacements with this kit. It includes a windshield cleaner, a protectant, and a microfiber buffing cloth.

BG Clearview Windshield Service Kit

The protectant repels water! Your customers will immediately notice water droplets glide off the windshield effortlessly. The invisible protectant will also delay the adhesion of more surface contaminants (bugs won’t stick) and lessen wear and tear on their wiper blades.

The BG Clear View Windshield Service Kit is designed for use on all types of windshields, including those with anti-reflective coatings. 

Get your kits today! 

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