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BG Products, Inc.

BG solves sticky situation in gasoline direct injection engines

In the article “Gasoline Direct Injection” in the Winter Issue of the Blend’r, we uncovered the disadvantages of the gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine:

  • Dramatic efficiency losses due to deposits on the piston surface
  • More deposits on the intake ports and valves (compared to port fuel injection engines)
  • Low-mileage misfire codes
  • Fuel economy loss

Disadvantages like these can cause serious drivability problems for GDI car owners.

Good at problem solving
BG began studying the GDI problems in Lexus and Volkswagen models – which were seeing these problems most–and developed the first effective GDI cleanup solution on the market, BG Gasoline Direct Injection Cleaner Part 1, PN 271, and Part 2, PN 272. The two-part chemical process softens and disperses baked-on deposits, built up on the intake valves of GDI engines.


With the Gasoline Direct Injection Service Tools, PN 9060, the service removes deposits without the complete disassembly that’s typically required.

BG’s cleanup solution takes care of the problem, but what about prevention?

Missing: GDI problems in some dealerships
In our field research, we discovered a few Lexus dealerships weren’t seeing the GDI problems described above. Upon further investigation, we found that these shops were using BG with every oil change.

Wayne Graybeal and Dave Disco of BG LSI, say the dealerships they service rarely see cars with heavy deposits and drivability problems that are typical for GDI engines. “The only way to prevent this stuff is with proper maintenance using a top-quality product.”

In other words, preventive maintenance with BG 44K® and BG MOA® at each oil service can curtail dramatic efficiency losses, extensive deposits, low-mileage misfire codes and fuel economy loss. But we already knew that, right?


Some auto experts claim that the GDI engine is the “best engine on the market today.” With BG’s Gasoline Direct Injection Cleaner and BG preventive maintenance, that claim will ring true.


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