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BG Products, Inc.

BG Products, Inc., Announces Steve Shaad As New Int’l Marketing & Research Specialist

Steve Shaad

WICHITA, Kan. – June 11, 2007 — BG Products announced the hiring of Steve Shaad as the Marketing and Research Specialist for International Trade Operations. Shaad’s responsibilities include researching current and potential markets, providing marketing assistance to BG’s international distributors, and working with the international team to continue BG’s growth, including planned expansion in Latin America and Europe.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to work at BG,” says Shaad, “especially with the opportunity to work internationally on a day-to-day basis.”

Although he originally trained as a journalist and international language specialist, Shaad has devoted most of his career to marketing. He is most recognized for his 17 years as the General Manager of Wichita Baseball, but he’s spent time in other areas of marketing including an advertising agency and his own event management company.

“Steve is going to be a key member of the BG family at a time of significant growth in our international business,” says Aidan Dunleavy, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We think that he will both enjoy and excel in this new opportunity.”

BG Products, Inc. is dedicated to making vehicles last longer and perform better. In partnership with an international family of distributors, BG serves the driving public with innovative products and proven programs of automotive maintenance.

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BG products are proven to make vehicles last longer and perform better. In a recent national survey, automotive experts said they use BG Products as their supplier of fluid maintenance service products and equipment by a margin of nearly 5 to 1 over any other supplier. In partnership with an international network of distributors, BG serves the driving public with innovative automotive maintenance products.

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