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BG On The Power Tour Rolls Through The Midwest In 2007

Hot Rod Power Tour

WICHITA, Kan. – May 25, 2007 – Team Kansas, sponsored by BG Products, Inc., from Oskaloosa High School is joining the 13th Annual HOT ROD Power Tour with a ‘77 Pontiac Trans Am. The tour is a nationally recognized rally race for classic car enthusiasts. It starts on June 3rd in Cleveland, Ohio and ends on June 8 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

This year, it is estimated that a total of over 43,000 cars will be in the tour throughout the race, but only those who finish the race will be in the “Long Haul Gang.” Team Kansas plans not only to finish the race but also to serve as the technology team for the Vintage Car Rally at the final destination in Little Rock. David Tenpenny and the Oskaloosa team will also be featured in a spotlight in the August issue of Hot Rod Magazine.

The HOT ROD Power Tour is easily considered one of the best automotive tours in the world and is a-rolling. The seven-day, seven-city tour will wind its way through the Midwest and generate a nationwide buzz in the automotive enthusiast market!

Each destination holds a surprise for the road warriors. At stop number four in Springfield, Ill., Year 1, an official product sponsor, is renting out a drive-in theater for the racers to gather and watch Smokey and the Bandit.

In 1995, the HOT ROD staff came up with the idea to take a cross-country road trip with project cars. The first route stretched from Los Angeles all the way to Norwalk, Ohio, and while there were thousands of participants along the way, only seven were inducted into the original “Long Haul Gang.” As the Power Tour grew in age, it grew exponentially in size, and the 2006 “Long Haul Gang” was comprised of more than 1,900 hot rodders in 1,048 cars.

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