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BG Products, Inc.

BG fleet treatment gets results

To Whom It May Concern:

I came on board in October of 2005 with General Air Service & Supply. One of the problems that I discovered within the fleet was that the trucks weren’t running very well. I decided to start looking at the type of repairs and number of breakdowns we were having, to narrow some of the areas we could concentrate on changing. The end result was that there had been a number of trucks that had to have main fuel pump replacements, injector replacement, and cold starts in the winter months were a problem.

I called BG because of having personal experience with their BG 44K® product. They sent their representative Kelly Fitzpatrick over to demo and discuss some different diesel products they had. After a very detailed presentation, I put all the information together and presented it to upper level management. They agreed with my decision to begin a treatment program of our fuel.

We have now been using BG’s diesel fuel treatment products for the summer and winter months for over a year. Since we have been utterly impressed with the results, General Air Service & Supply has also decided to change over to their semi-synthetic oil after using Mobile1 Delvac 1300 for years.

BG offered oil sample kits for laboratory analysis; this added service allows our company to identify potential engine, transmission or differential problems, in turn saving us costly repairs and downtime. BG’s products have greatly improved the performance of our fleet. We have units with over 250K miles on them. It has been very important for our company to house products that work and BG is one of them.

Fleet Manager
General Air Service & Supply

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