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BG Universal Super Cool® Reformulated for Hybrid Vehicles

In 2021, sales for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) doubled¹. Demand for EVs (electric vehicles) has grown markedly over the past decade thanks to heightened environmental concerns, greater availability of models, increased cost competitiveness with conventional gas vehicles, and improved vehicle ranges. These factors are expected to continue to drive increased

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Understanding and Preventing Engine Coolant Breakdown

As automotive professionals, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the various fluids that play a vital role in the functioning of vehicles. One such fluid is coolant, which is responsible for regulating engine temperature and preventing overheating. What’s most important to know is that coolant is not

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BG Frigi-Clean®: Offer More Than a Cabin Filter Replacement

As dealers, you understand the importance of providing exceptional service to your customers. When it comes to routine maintenance tasks like changing a cabin filter, there’s an opportunity to go the extra mile and offer additional benefits. That’s where BG Frigi-Clean® comes into play. Understanding Cabin Filters Before delving into

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Maximize Efficiency with the BG Tech App for Technicians

In today’s automotive industry, confidence is key, especially for automotive technicians. Being able to suggest services to customers and explain them in a clear and concise way can make a huge difference in sales. That’s where the award-winning BG Tech App comes in. The BG Tech App is a comprehensive

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Why do carbon deposits form in modern engines?

Carbon deposits are inevitable and many automotive professionals don’t take them seriously because they consider carbon to just be a part of engine operation. But when left untreated, carbon buildup can cost vehicle owners more at the pump, and lead to expensive and labor-intensive repairs. What are carbon deposits? The

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How Does a Torque Converter Work?

To better understand the function of a torque converter, let’s first talk a little bit about automatic transmissions. An automatic transmission is like an automotive personal assistant; it does everything for the driver. With just a little pressure on two different pedals, a vehicle can either be cruising down the

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How Often To Change Transmission Fluid?

The automatic transmission is one of your customer’s most expensive and hardest working systems. As the transmission fluid ages, it stops cleaning and protecting the moving parts. Your customers may notice hard shifting, slipping, or chattering when this occurs. A transmission service should be performed to flush out the old

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Maximize Your Independent Shop’s Potential

“Tekmetric is very beneficial! It allows us to create and access canned jobs at a click of a button and build repair orders in minutes. We have noticed a big difference with Tekmetric, that we have increased our BG fluid sales by 80%. I highly recommend it,” – Jay Huh,

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